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Who We Work With


As a TPA we can tailor make a retirement plan that allows employers to:

  • Attract and retain key employees.
  • Meet their corporate tax objectives.
  • Retain more profit.
  • At ALPHA RPC, we work hand in hand so employers can meet these goals, as well as provide the best solutions that are individually tailored to your needs. We take pride in our creative solutions that our administrators provide.  You will work with the same administrator so they are fully informed about what the end goal is, as well as developing a great business relationship. You can rest easy knowing your plan will always be well taken care of and your administrator will always be available so you never have to deal with a call center.


We understand a great TPA is an advisor’s best business partner. We want to develop that partnership. We value those partnerships and want to be involved with the advisors through the whole process. During this partnership you will gain extensive technical knowledge, creating creative solutions and outstanding service.

How do we work with you?

  • We provide tools and expertise to help maximize opportunities for you.
  • You meet with the client and gather information about their plan and financial information.
  • You will send ALPHA RPC that information and we put together proposals to maximize their retirement plan.
  • We’ll get right back to the advisors with the proposals along with detailed information about the tax advantages.
  • You’ll go to the client fully prepared to fully customize the best plan for them.  We are always available to accompany you to help anywhere we can.
  • You will handle all of the investments for your client.
  • All the administrative work is handled by ALPHA RPC in communication with you.
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We Can't Wait To Collaborate With You!

CPAs & Attorneys

We practice collaboration every day at ALPHA RPC, and extend this spirit of partnership to our CPAs and attorneys.  We are all working together to help our clients meet their goals and we love working alongside you to help them get there.

How can we assist you?

  • You can rely on our team of dedicated administrators and actuaries for their technical expertise and prompt response.
  • You can count on creative, innovative solutions to your clients’ retirement needs, instead of an off-the-shelf plan.


We partner with firms across the nation to help manage their defined benefit plans. We are well-equipped to serve as your back-office team on all types of defined benefit plans. We white-label our work and run complimentary proposals for all your clients. 

Teaming up with us can help you retain clients by providing creative defined benefit plan design and expert administration.